Souliss, started the Alpha 6 development

After more than 6 months using the Alpha 5 branch is now time to move over, but compared to last jumps into the branchs A4 and A5 this one will not be a complete change rather than a fine tuning and improvement of what has been achieved up to now. The reason why this code isn’t published as A5.3 is simply because it would not be compatible with nodes that runs Souliss A5 at all, but looking into the code there are really few modification, the reason is behind a small change in the RAM handling that improves a lot the way you can use it.

Up to release A5.2 the number of nodes into a network was constrained to the device with the smallest RAM, this no-sense has now been solved and if your gateway has a larger RAM you can use it in a better way.

The A6 will include the activity started for the A5.2.1 that will no longer be developed, and we will move to a more intensive use of git where the code is actually available. The source code is pushed into the cusumiello branch, join the development on the mailing list.