Souliss boards are coming

Slowly we are moving forward, Marco just got the PCB for the boards and we hope that first prototypes will be out soon.

On the left-top side there are the PCB for the relay boards, on the right-bottom the LED ones. This is a complete set of PCB, including the gateway board and the push button one.

As first step, Marco will build the prototypes and have a try to find out if they power-up properly and all the I/O and communication peripheral works properly. After it will be the time to have some experiments with the new collision avoidance USART driver, that is in Souliss since A4.4, but hasn’t been used right now.

It will probably be a long way, but is exciting see pieces that just some weeks ago was just a drawing on a PC.

There will be more post in between, showing the building phase and the first results.

Stay tuned!