Souliss Android Client

To demonstrate Souliss flexibility to many client interfaces we developed an Android Client. It’s compatible with all Android versions > 2.1, it should be easily installed on your phone.

The available features are:

  • Tools mode, a “low level” activity to test Souliss’ connectivity: use it to send raw commands and retrieve status;
  • Manual mode, to interact with available controlled appliance on Souliss network nodes;
  • Programs, to schedule commands to be executed: 1) timed programs, to be executed (and repeated) at certain times; 2) positional programs, to be executed when you go out/come back home; 3) triggers, to be executed when specified sensors reach predetermined values.

It is possible to rename nodes and choose icons, too. The configuration will be saved on a DB that can be managed from preference screen.

Once installed, you only need to fill in Souliss JSON node and you can start using it. Here is a sample video of development version, you can see configuration is straightforward: