New LYT Led Bulb are Here!

New LYT Led Bulb are Here!

Just received from our friends at Authometion a sample kit with three LYT88 RGBW and a shield based on ESP8266. I’ve played in the past with the previous prototypes of LYT that has been in my home for almost a year with very good result.

The LYT bulb sells at 24,90 euros and are as far as I know are the only Arduino controllable LED bulb on the market.

Those will be officially included in the next Souliss release, so lets start to get your lamps on the Authometion store!

Have a look of what you can do using Souliss and LYT in the following video

Go to the step by step tutorial to get started with LYT88 Bulbs and Souliss!