Merry Christmas with release Alpha 4

After a long work we are now ready for our Christmas gift to Souliss’ users, the new release Alpha 4.

This release is really a big improvement, both in performances and scalability and we can now say that this will be the base for future developments, more was described in the previous post or on the release note.

This release needs the latest Android application and shall be compiled over Arduino IDE 1, so download the code for your Arduino board and the Android application, then start to play.

For a while our time will be invested in documentation and promotion, as it is time to build a community around this project.

If you want to support us, use Souliss and share you work with pictures and videos, speak about Souliss to your friends, because with this release every DIY home automation will become simpler and effective. Many says the this will be the year of Internet of Things, and Souliss can play in that.

Stay tuned.