Lets jump in the Alpha 5

After long time a first step into the release Alpha 5 is now available in the download section, this is one of the most important update in Souliss because introduce two really important features.

Just Plug&Play This is the most, because now Souliss can be pre-loaded into boards that will no longer need a network configuration. Using a broadcast communication, a gateway board will assign addresses to others while building a network, this works on all communication medias supported in Souliss. This feature will give the opportunity to prepare custom firmware for ready to use board, so that an user will have the board yet configured and ready to be plugged in the Souliss network.

Bigger Networks Actually data directed to the user interfaces are no longer stored in the gateway node, this resolve a large RAM waste from release A4, and give the opportunity to build very large networks. There will be several options, up to hundred nodes in a network.

This release is also the first one that has been tested by different peoples before the public release, this post is also a way to say thanks to our small community.

As last note, Souliss is becoming bigger and the Alpha 5 has a lot of changes under the skin, so all the features was affected but there was not enough time to test them all. A list of not tested features is available, so that users can decide if switch to Alpha 5 at a later stage.

More will come, stay tuned!