First experiment, run Souliss on ESP8266

The interest around the ESP8266 is increasing, is mostly an years that this SoC is in the hand of DIYers and news are on a daily base. Starting from the support in GCC till the porting of the SDK into the Arduino IDE, the ESP8266 is now near simple to use as a standard Arduino board.

Just after Easter, Saverio started to port the Souliss code for the ESP8266 and he ignited a spark, yesterday I’ve received a development board from Olimex and I’ve started playing a bit on it. Using the code ported by Saverio I’ve been able to get something working in a day, isn’t a full working Souliss but a reference for the porting.

I can say that the effort to get Souliss running directly on the ESP8266 isn’t too much and now we have all the information to proceed. Probably in the next months you will be able to run Souliss directly on that small SoC with integrated Wifi.

Stay Tuned!