The new ESP8266 based ProDINo is coming!

The new ESP8266 based ProDINo is coming!

This is the time where more and more ESP8266 based devices are popping-up and KMP Electronics is coming also with a new design, a ProDINo based on the popular WiFi SOC. In these years we had a very close partnership with KMP Electronics and the design of the new board has started based on a common brainstorming on specification required by the new module.

The board carriers four relays and four opto-input as the previous DINo and keep the RS485 transceiver to create mixed WiFi/Ethernet network, as well as UEXT and Grove connector for easy expansion.

This is an earlier design started around our experience with ESP8266 and RS485, the new WiFi ProDINo (the final name hasn’t yet been defined) will keep compatibility with the actual ProDINo based on Wiznet W5200, so that you can build a Souliss based network with a mix of Ethernet, WiFi and RS485.

Specification Type and Nominal Value
Power Supply DC/DC Switching from 9 to 30 VDC
SoC ESP8266 - ESP-12
MCU 32-bit RISC CPU based on Tensilica Xtensa LX106 running at 80 MHz
Communication WiFi - IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Communication Half Duplex RS485 - TIA-485-A
I/O Expansion I2C MCP23S08
Input No. 4 Opto-isolated
Output No. 4 Monostable Relay 15 A / 10 A
Programming Via onboard USB connection
Expansion Grove and UEXT
Terminal Pluggable

Overall the new board will be smaller than the actual ProDINo and will get more flexibility from the pluggable terminals and the expansion connector based on Grove and UEXT, price and release date are not yet available, but on these pages will get all the updates.

Stay tuned!