DST - Digital Souliss Thermostat

DST - Digital Souliss Thermostat

The need to be able to find your heated environment when you return is a necessity that everyone must meet, and here it is born “DST”, the SOULISS digital thermostat based on the WiFi ESP8266-12 chip, connected to the 3.2 inch NEXTION HMI display allows you to manage your heating from a local area using a touch screen graphic interface, The DST can also be managed by SoulissApp (Play Store) both locally and remotely.

The graphic interface is divided into two different pages, the HOME PAGE and the PAGE SETTINGS:

INFO: Temperature and Humidity, ntp time, Setpoint set, WiFi connection status to the local router, System power status, Heating status Timer, Icon of light blue color when the temperature is below 17 ° C

CONTROLS: System power button, Setpoint setting, setpoint ECO, NORMAL, COMFORT timer 60m, 120m, 180m

The “DST” code is based on the Souliss Framework, and hosts the Telegram bot that alerts you in real time on your smartphone when the system and / or the heating systems are switched on or off.

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  • NodeMCU Esp8266-12
  • 3.2 “Nextion
  • DHT22 Temperature & Humidity sensor
  • Relay ON / OFF Boiler

The system requires 5v 1.5a power supply